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VITRAGLASS presents a diverse range of cutting-edge advanced glass products, tailored for commercial and residential settings. From transforming exterior facades, floors, and interior spaces to elevating wall art, furniture and public spaces, our collection marries innovation with advanced technology and artistry. Additionally, we pride ourselves on ACCOMMODATING CUSTOM DESIGNS, ensuring each client’s unique vision comes to life on our premium premium-glass surfaces.

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With VITRAGLASS’s Infinite Textures and Finishes, Reimagine and Transform Your Space Today

"Using VITRAGLASS to redesign the Regal Dynasty Hotel's lobby was transformative, merging luxury with modern aesthetics. Our guests are consistently awed by the sophistication and elegance it brings."
Li Wei Chief Interior Designer, Regal Dynasty Hotel, China
"Implementing VITRAGLASS for my client's interior and exterior designs added unparalleled elegance and durability. Its adaptability and finish elevated the project beyond expectations."
Alex Morgan Lead Interior Designer, Los Angeles, US
"Our interior glass mural was the best decision we ever made. Every time I gaze upon the mural, the intricate details and radiant colors, it stirs profound emotions within."
Isabella Martinez Art Enthusiast & Homeowner